Concerned about data breaches? Follow these following steps!

Cybercriminals and hackers have no discrimination when it comes to infiltrating into systems and networks. It doesn’t matter if yours is a large corporation or a small company, you are susceptible to cybercrimes and cyberattacks. We hear more call center automation of these terms now than ever before, more so because of numerous cases, which involve some of the biggest names across industries. For any business, it is necessary to be proactive towards cybersecurity. Discover vulnerability in your system, fix every aspect of your security perimeters, and create a response system – That’s what cybersecurity proactiveness is all about. 

We have a few steps below that companies can consider for preventing data breaches. 

Focus on network security

Do not underestimate the need for encrypting data & information. Wi-Fi networks need to be encrypted and secure, and make sure that your employees are using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, if they are trying to access data or resources beyond the office. All devices, network resources and assets should be placed behind a firewall, so that there is a constant barrier and protection against untrusted networks, such as the Internet. 

Don’t ignore Password Protection

There are a few basic guidelines that must be followed when it comes to password protection, such as – 

  • Ensure that passwords are secure, long, and strong. 
  • Include special characters, uppercase & lowercase letters in passwords. 
  • Change all default passwords immediately. 
  • Consider using multifactor authentication when required for selected accounts
  • Consider using a lockout feature, so that all hacking attempts can be thawed
  • Ask your employees to change passwords frequently
  • Consider using a password management tool for storing and retrieving passwords
  • Evaluate and discuss password protection policies with your employees

Train your employees

Frontline employees are often the weakest link in cybersecurity measures. They often end up accessing links, apps, software and websites that can compromise with the security of the network and company assets. Make them aware of the best cybersecurity practices, give them details on how to report a bug or other issues, and ask them to avoid certain kinds of links, such as 

It is important to understand that cybersecurity is not the responsibility of the management alone, but also of the entire organization. Getting everyone involved is the right step towards the process, and you have to consider making strict policies, so that people can be held responsible for their mistakes in preventing a breach.