How to find good Amazon FBA products?

If you’re thinking about beginning an online business, one of the finest techniques is to sell on Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s success, it’s simple to learn and highly profitable. The corporation has a 50% market share in eCommerce, which means that half of all online purchases are made on its platform. If you want to sell something online, Amazon is the place to go. You can Go Now to the Zonebase website to know more.

Private label products are proving to be the most profitable for many merchants. These are one-of-a-kind things or new versions of existing products that you have branded. So, how do you go about finding items to sell on Amazon? You must research to locate profitable products. Checking trends on Google and other marketplaces, looking at Amazon’s bestseller ranks, and using product research tools to gauge demand and competition levels are examples. It’s also crucial to selling in an area where you’re well-versed.

Choosing a Million-Dollar Idea from Your Product List

You’re likely to have a long list of prospective products to sell as a new seller. But how do you choose the one that will pay out the most? To locate items with a high likelihood of success, you’ll require in-depth product research software.

If you already have a niche in mind for your Amazon business, the AMZScout PRO Extension can help you confirm its potential. This simple Chrome extension allows you to rapidly assess things and find the most profitable Amazon products to sell.

What kinds of items should you sell on Amazon?

Not every private-label item will be profitable. Some things will not sell at all. This is why having precise standards for picking what to offer on Amazon is so vital. When looking for the essential items to sell on Amazon FBA, pay attention to the following things, according to experienced sellers:

  • Look for products with a monthly sales volume of at least 300. This equates to ten sales every day, which is a reasonable standard.
  • Low Competition: Ideally, you want to identify things that many other people aren’t selling. This will make climbing to the top of the rankings much easier.
  • Fewer Reviews: Amazon’s search algorithm heavily relies on customer feedback. It won’t be easy to stand out if the top items in a niche have thousands of reviews. Look for niches with a top seller count of less than 400.
  • Weight under 5 lbs. : Hefty Items are more expensive to ship and store. If you’re importing things from China, this is very critical. To save money on shipping, look for lightweight things. Profit margins are higher when expenses are low.
  • Sizes less than 18″ x 14″ x 8″: Larger items cost more to ship, and you’ll be charged extra for storage because they take up more shelf space. So, if you’re trying to save money, seek smaller products.
  • Between $10 and $70 in sales price: You want to sell things that aren’t so cheap that you can’t make any money off them but aren’t so expensive that they scare people away. The sweet spot is usually between $10 and $70.
  • Look for things that you can sell for around four times what it costs you to get them from a wholesale supplier at 25% of the sales price.