Top three providers of SSD Hosting

SSD hosting is very beneficial, as it does not take a lot of time for processing. There is no need for movement of parts and thus, it increases the speed of data transfer. The cheap SSD hosting is provided by various providers and here, we are discussing the tops three SSD Hosting companies that you can take into consideration. Let’s begin with InMotion Hosting. 

In Motion Hosting: 

When it comes to speed, then nothing is better than InMotion. Most of the web host has a speed of 1000ms + loading times; however, InMotion has a speed of 500ms along with loading time. Great developer tools are also offered by this provider and a flexible system for payment. You can upgrade to higher packages and even take your money back if not satisfied with the speed. The safety and reliability are provided with every package in all possible way and that is the reason why it has millions of users. If you need any sort of site help, then reliable customer support is given to all the users. 

Host Gator Cloud: 

A hosting environment is provided by Host Gator Cloud that no other competitor is using nowadays, and it is known as cloud hosting. Hundred per cent uptime is guaranteed in this service while others are offering only ninety-nine per cent and even, ninety-five uptime. Five per cent seems not much to you but it really is. No one wants his or her website to be offline, not for a single second. They also provide a loading time of 300ms+ and it is fast enough. So, SSD drives play a vital role in it. The pricing policies are also good and avail with top-notch performance. The packages start from $4 per month and you can upgrade, as you want.

Web Hosting Hub: 

Incredible loading speed is offered by this provider and hats off to this state of the art technology they use. They make the processing twenty times faster and it a proud moment of using Solid State Drives. It is a huge thing that SSD is their part and having loading times of 600ms+, which is fine. The setting up of website or blog is easy and you can select WordPress as the content management system. Moreover, it gives a free domain and site migration too.

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