Best WordPress SEO Tips

There are quite a few things that you need to do to get best WordPress SEO results and below are some tips:

Don’t rush into setting up your site.

It is a mistake to set-up a site and then think about SEO. To achieve best WordPress SEO it is vital to do some research at the beginning to select the right keywords and domain name. You need to build the site around keywords that are not too competitive but have an acceptable volume of searches. One of these keywords should be in the domain name (at the beginning if possible).

If you were to pick very competitive keywords it would require a great deal of work (and in practice may be impossible) to get a high search engine ranking.

Structure the site in a search engine friendly way.

For best WordPress SEO purposes you should ensure that the title of the pages and posts is used in the URL. This is done via the Permalink setting which should be “postname”.

You should also create information and legal pages and link to them from the header or footer. These are pages like About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you create a lot of pages make them all accessible in two clicks from the home page. The pages and posts should be interlinked using the keywords as anchor text but you can install a plugin to help with this.

Install some WordPress SEO plugins.

There are numerous SEO plugins available which will help achieve best WordPress SEO but many have similar functions. There are several multifunction “SEO packs” and you should install one of these. “All in One SEO Pack” is very popular but some people now prefer the slightly more advanced “Platinum SEO Pack”. You can start with the default settings but it is worthwhile learning what the plugin does.

You should also install a site map plugin to help the search engines to find and index the content.

Other plugins will contribute to best WordPress SEO by, for example:

Tiding up URLs.
Managing Redirections & 404 errors.
Automatic link generation.
Checking for broken links.
No Follow external links.
Control paging of comments.
Checking SEO of content.
If you install any of these you should understand what they are doing.

Don’t do anything that will have a negative impact

Be careful not to overuse your keywords and make sure your outbound links are to reputable sites only.

Produce good content.

Content is key to best WordPress SEO. You need unique content written in a way that is search engine friendly but is still highly readable by human visitors. The aim is for the search engines to see your content as relevant to the targeted keyword without it being in any way written for them. A good way to check the SEO of your content is to use the SEOPressor plugin.