How has social media changed the world around you?

Social media is one of the media these days which helps people around the world to keep touch with others around the world. Now through social media was introduced with the aim of linking people around the globe; this is however now turned into a platform where people around the globe keep tab on people who are not even remotely related to the one who is following them. This has somehow made the celebrity culture more popular in this generation. Like for example Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms out there. On Instagram you get to share photos with the rest of the world. You can also add captions, which is why they are known as the instant stories.

How Instagram followers make up celebrity status?

Now the phenomenon that is being recorded all around the world is the one where people around the world are trying really hard to gain more and more followers on Instagram. People around the globe are trying unique methods to gain more and more followers. Like for example some people are mostly concentrating on food pictures; some are concentrating on the models, etc in this way they are gathering more and more followers. Now other people are also trying to get more and more followers on Instagram in order to be declared an Instagram celebrity.

Learn how to increase Instagram followers from online

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