Scandinavian Executive Recruitment – How Employment Agencies Recruit Executives

Executive recruitment is a process that employment agencies can use to identify, screen and recruit qualified executives for companies. This process involves three main stakeholders: the employer, the headhunter and the candidate. The employer creates an executive job posting on their website or with an agency; they then review resumes submitted by potential candidates through this channel. 

Once they have narrowed down their options, they will engage with agencies who specialize in executive search to help them find candidates who best fit the job description and requirements listed in their ad. Headhunters are intermediaries between employers seeking executive hires and those looking for new employment opportunities (i.e., executives); their role is to vet resumes and conduct interviews on behalf of their clients before presenting them with qualified candidates for hire consideration by hiring managers at each company involved in this process.

Recruitment Agencies Advertise The Position

Recruitment agencies advertise the position, search their database of potential candidates and work with headhunters to acquire possible new prospects. Recruitment agencies may also employ other methods to find candidates such as using social media or attending career fairs. Once a candidate has been identified, they will then be assessed by the agency to ensure that they are suitable for the role.

Agencies May Screen Them Through Phone Interviews Or In-Person Interviews

In addition to the initial screening process, agencies may also use phone interviews to screen candidates. Phone interviews are an effective way to screen candidates because they can be done anywhere at any time and are much cheaper than in-person interviews. However, in-person interviews are more effective at getting a sense of how a candidate will fit within your company culture. 

If you decide you want to move forward with a candidate after screening them by phone or in person, recruiters will send this information along with their resumes and cover letters so that hiring managers can begin their own round of interviewing for potential hires.

Handles Salary Negotiations For The Employee

Once an agency finds the right candidate for a job, it handles salary negotiations for the employee. The agency does not negotiate salaries with candidates. Rather, it negotiates on behalf of its clients and then passes along their offers to candidates.

In cases where no employment agreement has been signed by both parties, the agency will typically ask you to sign one before proceeding with further negotiations or discussions about salary. This agreement lets them know that they have your permission to discuss your potential compensation package with potential employers in order to help you find an appropriate position at a competitive pay rate.

More than ever before, companies are using executive search agencies to find top-level talent to fill the executive positions within their organizations. 

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