The most common FAQ of boosting companies

Millions of online gamers are looking for boosting website that can increase their ranks as desired. However, before opting for a boosting service, they have a lot of questions in their mind. They ask these questions through customer support on the website of boosting companies. Les have a look at some of the very common lol elo boost related questions.

Some common customer questions and answers

  • Different services of boosting companies 

Companies can provide you many services, from Elo Boosting to Coaching and even selling accounts. You can even select if you want to be a solo boost or a duo, a regular session of coaching, or even premium. They also provide more detailed orders, like being able to pick a specific champion or role to be coached or elo boosted. You can even pick which summoner’s spells you want when ordering to an elo boosting service. 

  • How do I pay for boosting service

Most of the companies have various payment methods, ranging from credit and debit cards, Bank transfer, digital wallets, etc.

  • Can I order by customizing my needs

Yes, almost all companies can provide you customized package as per your desired needs and requirements.

  • Can I pause my boost?

Yes. If you want to pause your boosting, you just need to log into your profile on the website, then go to boosting and press the button “Pause my boosting.” Some advice, if you just want to play a few games with friends that won’t take long, you can just talk with your booster and let him know that you will be playing with your friends at X hour.

There is a lot more

These are just a few basic questions asked on almost all the websites that offer boosting services. Make sure to clear any of your doubts with the support channel before purchasing the boosting services.