Sony Xperia got locked while inserting a new sim:

Locking the phone is not a new thing. It happens with most of the mobile and somewhat by the user too. But as it can be unlocked so, there is nothing to worry about. A question can arise in people’s minds that the old phone like Xperia and such a company’s phone can be unlocked or not. Then the answer will be affirmative. Even if the phone company shut down its phone business. It doesn’t mean that their phones can’t be unlocked. Like if someone wants to unlock Sony Xperia or any other Sony phones then it can be done easily.

Many companies in the market have experience in this field. A person just needs to contact them and tell them about their problems and phone model number. The rest will be taken care of by the company. A person doesn’t even need to step out of their home.

Nokia phones can be unlocked too

Yes, Nokia phones can get unlocked. But it is not like any other phone in Nokia Lumia a person gets only three attempts. If someone exhausted it then the only option is to repair it and reset it by cables. So, it is advisable that if someone wants to unlock Nokia Lumia then always contact the phone unlocking company. These companies will give the secret code to enter to the phone. And, after inserting it the phone will be unlocked. Don’t exhaust the attempts otherwise the cost of repairing it will be high.

These companies are trustworthy or not

Many companies in the market work day and night to get a good name. And, if someone gets in touch with such a company then there will be no problem. Plus, such companies also offer to pay back the money, if they can’t unlock the phone. So, it is a win-win situation for the user.